Episode 40: The Punisher`

Revenge is a dish best served with a side of podcast, or something like that. This week the gang is talking about the vigilante anti-hero, the Punisher. Dani and Ify are joined by Collider’s own Coy Jandreau to discuss Frank Castle and the many facets of this tortured character. This gun-toting hero has been the subject of both adulation and controversy and the gang makes sure to not miss an angle. Join us for this week’s episode of Nerdificent!


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BONUS EP: Clip Show #2

Dani and Ify give you their favorite moments from 2018 in part 2 of this New Year Clip Show!

BONUS EP: Clip Show #1

Dani and Ify give you their favorite moments from 2018 in part 1 of this Holiday Clip Show!

Episode 39: ASMR

Merry Christmas, Nerd-Fam! This week we’re having an almost Silent Night as we say our “Goodbyes” to 2018. Ify and Dani, back in her seat for hosting duties, discuss the quiet culture of ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The duo talk about their triggers and what they do and do not like about the whispers and noises that give some people the tingles, including the potential medical benefits of the said sensations. Enjoy the Holiday season and kick back with your favorite nerds on this episode of Nerdificent!


STUDY: ASMR: a flow-like mental state by Emma Barratt and Nick Davis

FORBES: ASMR Could Have Health Benefits

MEDIUM: Why are Whispering Videos So Popular on YouTube?

BUSTLE: Is ASMR good for you?

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The Most Satisfying Slime Video Compilation

Episode 38: X-Men: The Animated Series

Put on your yellow spandex and get ready to take down Magneto, this week the gang is talking about X-Men: The Animated Series! Once again Ify is joined by Ed Greer on co-hosting duties to nerd out on muscle-clad mutants. The two talk about which Wolverine suit is best, whether Jubilee’s abilities actually did anything and many more tales from the TV. Channel all the mutants and tell them to tune in for another episode of Nerdificent!


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Episode 37: Miles Morales

Grab your Spidey suit and swing into this episode about Miles Morales! This week Ify is joined by Ed Greer of Screen Junkies and Aaron Powell of Aaron Saves the Universe to discuss this new Spider-Man. The trio wax poetic on the importance and influence of Miles’ addition to the Marvel Universe as well as some of their favorite moments of his timeline. Become Spider-Man on this week’s episode of Nerdificent!


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Buy the Comics: Midtown Comics - "Miles Morales"

Episode 36: Intro to Aquaman

Ahoy, Nerds! Grab your trident and dive deep into this week's episode about the one and only, Aquaman. Dani and Ify are joined by fellow nerd and Arthur Curry expert, Markeia McCarty to begin their discussion on this aquatic cape. From the Silver age to the silver screen, the gang gives a precursor to this DC hero in anticipation of the new Jason Momoa starring film. Grab your flippers and join us for the beginning of an ongoing discussion about Aquaman on Nerdificent!


Aquaman CW Trailer

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Episode 35: Sonic the Hedgehog

Strap on your red sneakers and get ready to Go Fast! This week Dani and Ify spin up the story of Sonic the Hedgehog! Joined by the voice of Sonic himself, Roger Craig Smith, the three get into where Sonic came from, their favorite games, and why Bill Clinton's attitude is relevant to the story. Don't lose all your rings on your way through this week's episode of Nerdificent!


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Episode 34: Doctor Who

Grab your Sonic screwdrivers and prepare for adventure! This week Dani and Ify cover the storied series of everyone's favorite doctor, Doctor Who. The gang is joined by Nerdist's Resident Who Expert, Riley Silverman to expound upon the series at large. As a group they discuss what their favorite moments are and why they are important not only to the story of the Doctor but to the real World that enjoys it. Grab your headphones and hop in the T.A.R.D.I.S. for this edition of Nerdificent!


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Episode 33: Designer Toys

Hey there, collectors, line up because this week's episode is a limited run! On this edition of the show Ify is joined by Toy Creators and Designers, Rocom and Quang to discuss the history of Designer Toys. From Michael Lau's early "Gardeners" to every new Funko Pop release, the trio talk about what got them into vinyl, resin, and plush toys and what makes the new culture of collectibles so rich. This is a true 1 of 1 episode of Nerdificent!


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