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Be careful with that dice roll, this week we're talking about Jumanji! Dani and Ify dive deep into the game and the franchise as a whole all the way up to the latest film. Learn about the book, the game, and the movies all right here on this episode of Nerdificent!


Chris Van Allsburg Interview

Roger Ebert's review of Jumanji (1996)

Dwayne Johnson on his Sizzle Power in 'Jumanji': 'God delivered, I signed for it'

Shuffle your decks and make sure you brought enough land cards! This week on Nerdificent we’re talking about Magic: The Gathering. Dani and Ify are joined by 'Dog Stepfather' Mark Ellis to discuss this World famous card game. From opening packs to winning tournaments, learn a little more about this popular card game right here on this edition of Nerdificent! 


Mark on Twitter

How to Play 'Magic: The Gathering': Everything You Need to Know

The 3 Toys That Made This Year's Toy Hall of Fame Class

The Grand Creature Type Update

The Twenty-Five-Year Journey of Magic: The Gathering

Russo Brothers Say Animated ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Might Spinoff Into Live Action Series – Comic-Con

Choose your character and get ready to enter the battlefield as this week we talk about MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games). Dani and Ify are joined by their producer and long-time MOBA fan, Danl Goodman to talk about the most popular genre of video game in the World. From the earliest days of Starcraft mods to the League of Legends 2019 World Championships - many angles of the MOBA experience are covered on this week's episode of Nerdificent!


Danl on Twitter

The history of MOBAs: From mod to sensation

Run down the history of MOBAs in our infographic

Tracing the history of the MOBA

The History Of The International 'Dota 2' Tournament

How the League of Legends World Championship became the Super Bowl of esports

Hey Toon fans, welcome to this after-school episode of Nerdificent! This week Dani and Ify are joined by co-host of Historical Roasts, Eddie Furth, to discuss Disney's cartoon block The Disney Afternoon. Whether you grew up with the Goof Troop, TaleSpin, or Darkwing Duck there's plenty of after-school shows to take you back on this week's edition of Nerdificent!


Eddie on Twitter

13 Best "Disney Afternoon" Shows

Disney Afternoon Oral History

CONFIRMED! Classic Disney Afternoon Cartoons Coming to Disney+

Welcome back to another awesome edition of Nerdificent! This week Dani and Ify are joined by Community Manager at Serial Box, Rachel Pinnelas, to discuss Orphan Black. Whether you're counting down your favorite episodes or learning about the series for the first time, there's plenty for everyone on this week's episode of Nerdificent!


‘Orphan Black’ Review: Series Finale ‘Rights the Wrongs’ of an Uneven But Ultimately Satisfying Season

The BEST Episodes of Orphan Black

Orphan Black got too complicated for its own good. Its final season is on track to fix that.

Who watches the Watchmen? Well, on Nerdificent you can listen about them! This week Dani and Ify are joined by writer and fan favorite Joelle Monique to discuss this ever-expanding franchise. From the earliest iterations to the new HBO series, learn about the Watchmen on this weeks Nerdificent!


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I Think HBO's Watchmen is Tremendous Television. Lots of People Will Strongly Disagree

Adaptation of 'Watchmen' is Graphic But Not Novel

It’s the last episode of Spooktober and the gang is talking about the Sultan of Scare, Stephen King! Dani and Ify are joined by comedian and favorite guest Lucé Tomlin Brenner to discuss the many works and the history of this famous author. Have a wonderful, safe, Halloween and enjoy this episode of Nerdificent!


Lucé on Twitter and Instagram

The 13 Best Stephen King Books Ranked

Top 30 Stephen King Movies Ranked

Spooktober continues on this week's Nerdificent with the scariest doll in horror, Chucky! Dani and Ify are joined by writer Joan Ford to discuss the Child's Play franchise! From the first appearance of Chucky to his many reincarnations and cast of characters, all the dolls come out to play on this spooky episode of Nerdificent!


Joan on Twitter

Child's Play (1988) review by Roger Ebert

Child's Play (2019) review by Peter Debruge for Variety

Why People Are So Annoyed That There's A New 'Child's Play' Film

Get ready to share your scares, this week the gang is talking Aaahh!!! Real Monsters! Dani and Ify are joined by legendary writer and showrunner Michael Price to talk about three very special monsters and the world they inhabit. Whether you grew up wanting to be Oblina or felt like more of a Krumm everyone gets their scare on on this week's Nerdificent!


Michael Price on Twitter

11 Things You Totally Forgot About Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

History Of The Monster World

Don't say it 5 times! This week Ify is joined by 'Craig of the Creek' head writer, Jeff Trammell to discuss the not-so-sweet horror classic, Candyman! Lots of laughs on this one, strap in watch out - it's another edition of Nerdificent! 


Jeff on Twitter

Candyman Remake Release Date, Cast and Details

Jordan Peele in Talks to Remake Clive Barker's 'Candyman'

Hop in the seat and get ready to see some Grim, Grinning Ghosts on this week's Nerdificent! Dani and Ify are joined by filmmaker Sabina Graves to discuss one of the most popular attractions in the world and inspiration for a film franchise, The Haunted Mansion. Whether you've rode the ride over and over or are just learning about the franchise, there's a little something for everyone on this week's episode of Nerdificent!


Sabina on Instagram

Guillermo Del Toro Dishes On 'Haunted Mansion' Remake

10 Things You're Dying To Know About The Haunted Mansion

Choose your weapon and gather some allies, we're hunting huge monsters on this edition of Nerdificent! Dani and Ify are in the studio once again to discuss the famous game series, Monster Hunter. From the earliest iterations to the newest Iceborne expansion, uncover the secrets of Monster Hunter right here on Nerdificent!


Monster Hunter Timeline

Iceborne Is Exactly What Monster Hunter Needed

Monster Hunter: World Is The King Of Capcom's Sales

The name's Ificent, Nerd Ificent. It is the 75th episode of the show! To celebrate we have the great Marc Bernardin on to talk the past, present, and future of James Bond. Whether you're a Connery fan or prefer a more modern Craig - learn all there is to know about Double-O on this week's Nerdificent!


Marc on Twitter

25 James Bond Facts You've Never Heard Before
James Bond's Best and Worst: Peter Travers Ranks All 24 Movies

Grab your pipe and cap and head to 221b Baker Street, this week we're talking about Sherlock Holmes! Dani and Ify are joined by Author and Host of iHeart Podcast 'Noble Blood', Dana Schwartz to talk about this legendary detective. Learn whether everything you've heard about Sherlock Holmes is fact or fiction and which stories to take a closer look at on this week's episode of Nerdificent!


Dana on Twitter


The 12 Best Sherlock Holmes Stories, According to Arthur Conan Doyle

Hey Nerd fam, are you ready for Phase 4 of the MCU? This week Dani and Ify are joined by Host and Comedian Jay Washington to talk about the 'Eternals' franchise. From Jack Kirby's creation to their latest appearance as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the gang gets you ready for the next phase of Marvel films right here on Nerdificent!


Jay on Twitter

Screen Rant: The Eternals Movie Can Play With MCU History

Chloe Zhao to Direct Marvel Studios' 'The Eternals'

Pull back that slingshot and launch yourself into this edition of Nerdficent! This week Dani and Ify are joined by Animator, Producer, and the Director of 'The Angry Birds Movie 2', Thurop Van Orman to discuss the many facets of the franchise. From the conception of the original mobile game to the inner workings of the second film, you get an inside look into Angry Birds on this week's episode of Nerdificent!


Thurop on Twitter

NYTimes Review: 'The Angry Birds Movie 2'

Angry Birds: The Story Behind iPhone's Gaming Phenomenon

Turn your hat backwards and get ready to battle! This week Dani and Ify are joined by Host and Producer Matt Acevedo to discuss Pokémon! The gang touches on many iterations of the franchise from their first experiences with the Red and Blue editions to Detective Pikachu! Whether your Pokédex is full or you just stepped out of Pallet town there's a little bit of everything on this week's episode of Nerdificent! 


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List of Pokémon (Sprite Gallery)

The 10 Best Episodes of the Original Pokémon Anime

Detective Pikachu: An Absurdly Silly, Wonderful Ride

Hey Nerd fam, are you ready to kick through time with one of the great Latinx superheroes? This week we're talking about America Chavez! Dani is joined by writer and hosts Vanessa Gritton and Toni Sanchez, to discuss their favorite moments with the first LGBTQ Latinx Superhero. From the Multiverse to joining the West Coast Avengers, strap in for this deep dive on this week's episode of Nerdificent!


Vanessa on Twitter

Toni on Twitter

15 Awesome Facts About America Chavez

Marvel Database: America Chavez

Are you a Charmed One? Strap in and get ready to protect good from evil as we talk about Charmed! This week on Nerdificent Dani and Ify are joined by friend of the pod Omar Allen to discuss the TV series and its iterations. From the OG series to the new, there's plenty of Witchcraft to go around on this edition of Nerdificent!


Best 'Charmed' Episodes

How Is The New 'Charmed' Like The Old 'Charmed'?

The Untold Truth Of Charmed

Are you full Vampire or a Day Walker? Find out this week as Dani and Ify discuss the origins of Blade. From the comics, to the silver screen, to the recently announced reboot, learn all about your favorite vampire assassin on this week's episode of Nerdificent!


Marvel 'Blade' announcement could hint at Phase 5

SDCC 2019: Marvel Studio's 'Blade' Announced Starring Mahershala Ali

Mind-Blowing Things You Didn't Know About The 'Blade' Movies