Episode 21: 80's Nickelodeon

You asked for it, we listened! The gang goes back to the '80s to revisit the early days of Nickelodeon. This week, Dani and Ify dive deep into the nooks and crannies of all the shows that made up '80s Nick. Been waiting to hear about Eureka's Castle? Hey Dude? You Can't Do That on Television? Wait no longer as the Nerdificent team Slimes you head to toe with '80s Nick facts!


1. Nickelodeon Archives: The Free Lance-Star - Jul 16, 1979

2. WATCH: Hocus Focus early Nickelodeon TV show from 1981

3.The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 110

4. You Can't Do That on Television

5. You Can't Do That on Television Trivia

6. Exclusive: You Can't Do That On Televisionis getting a reboot

7. 7 forgotten early Nickelodeon shows that will give '80s kids deep feelings

8. 11 Nickelodeon Shows From the '80s