Episode 3: eSports

In episode 3, Dani and Ify get into the world of eSports. They talk about what it is exactly, the history of the competition, different tournaments players take part in, professional leagues, eSports scholarships from universities, eSports in the Olympics, how it's popularity rose, it's classification as a sport, the ethics of the game, performance enhancing drug use during competitions, how eSports influenced gaming, and so much more. They're also joined by host, internet and YouTube personality, and former Nerdist gaming editor Malik Forte to discuss all of the above and his own experience with eSports. Follow him at @Malik4Play on Twitter and Instagram. 

Episode 2: Cosplay

In episode 2, Dani and Ify get in to the world of Cosplay. They talk about where the word comes from, the first cosplay ever at a fan convention, how it has grown over the years, how the costumes are assembled, professional cosplaying, the consent movement within Cosplay, Patreon, & more. Plus they have professional cosplayer Stella Chuu on to discuss her own experiences with Cosplay and how she made a career out of it. Follow Stella on Twitter and Instagram at @StellaChuuuuu and find her on Patreon!

Episode 1: Comic Conventions

In the pilot episode, Dani and Ify explore the world of comic conventions. They discuss what a comic convention is, the history of comic conventions, the first recorded "official" comic book convention, the history of San Diego's Comic Con, the specialization of conventions, the change of vibe over the years, their own personal experiences with conventions, & more! 

Bonus Episode: Virtual Reality

In this bonus episode Ify & Dani look into virtual reality and all the tech that comes with it. They discuss what virtual reality is, the history of how it came to be and how it became to be the VR that we know today, the first official attempt at it, when the term 'virtual reality' was coined, how porn has driven the VR industry, their own personal experiences with VR, & more!

Episode 0: Introducing Nerdificent

In this introductory episode 0, Ify and Dani go over some of the topics they plan on speaking about such as Comic Conventions, Virtual Reality, anime, Twitch, Patreon, different types of tech, video games, comic books, and more. They then get into their origins of when and how they got into nerd culture and then discuss why it's important to them and why they've decided to do this podcast. Please be sure to subscribe to catch episode one dropping on Tuesday, April 3rd. Also follow Nerdificent on Twitter/Instagram at @Nerdificent and check out the website www.nerdificent.com. 

In Nerdificent, comedians Ify Nwadiwe and Dani Fernandez break down all that is nerdy. Whether you’ve spent years rolling dice in a friend’s basement or got hooked after seeing a comic book movie, they’ve got something for you. Each episode Dani and Ify deep dive into a nerdy subject or subculture and break down the history, culture, and future of it; all while making you laugh.