Episode 49: Afro Anime

Ogin from Afro Samurai 'Afro Samurai' // Seven Seas Ent.

Welcome to another incredible edition of Nerdificent! This week Dani and Ify are joined by Onyi and Obi Udeh of Kolanut Productions to discuss the history and progression of Black representation in comics, animation, and culture as a whole. The two brothers share the successes and failures of some of the most successful works featuring Black characters as a lens to guide their own work with Kolanut Productions. Links to their excellent work are right below in the footnotes but sit back and enjoy another episode of Nerdificent!


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WebToons: 'Red Origins'

YouTube: Kisi the Electron Girl Origin Story

The Nerds of Color: Black Masculinity as Performed in Japanese Visual Media

LATimes: American, Japanese pop culture blend in 'Afro Samurai'